Bedbugs, Tiny Vampires
DDT vs Bedbugs

Bed Bugs were an untreatable nuisance and health problem before the 1950s when DDT began to be used as an effective treatment.

Unfortunately, DDT turned out to be less healthy than the bugs so the bed bug population in the United States has made a comeback in recent years.

Bed Bug Markings on Bed Mattress
Tiny Vampires

Bed Bugs survive on blood – specifically the blood of humans unfortunate enough to be exposed to them.

Even newly hatched nymphs feed on blood and molt 5 times before reaching maturity – all of which makes them very hungry!

3d rendered illustration of a bedbug on human skin
Tough and Tiny

A mature bedbug is about 1/3=inch long and can hide in very small spaces.

Some bedbugs can live as long as several months between feedings – which means that even infrequently used compartments and furniture can harbor an infestation.

Bed bug Cimex lectularius at night in the moonlight on a bed lin
Mobile Multipliers

Bed Bugs lay 1-5 eggs per day with a maximum of 12 in one day and 541 in a lifetime.

These stick to whatever surface they’re on – suitcases, clothing, and furniture included.

So even if you haven’t brought bedbugs to your property, someone else may have unknowingly done so for you!

Damaged skin on female's back. Bedbug bites, moosquito bites or skin disease on human body
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