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cosmo working hard

Our dog, Cosmo, and both of our Handlers, Peg and Joe, were trained by Certified Master Trainer Bill Whitstine of the Florida Canine Academy, Inc. (The Academy). The Academy has been a leader in research and development of specialized detection canines for the past 15 years. Whether it's training dogs to search for 5 different species of bats for a bat researcher or finding the elusive, threatened indigo snake for the U.S Fish and Wildlife, Florida Canine Academy is at the forefront of canine scent detection. The Academy is known for conducting the scientific research necessary to develop a proper training procedure for scent detection.

Peg with dog

Cosmo has received approximately 1000 hours of training from The Florida K9 Academy and is proficient in Bed Bug scent detection. Cosmo was carefully paired with Peggy Nally and Joseph Sheehan, our Certified Handlers. Each of them was then trained together with Cosmo for a minimum of 40 hours. At the end of the course, Bill Whitstine, Certified Master Trainer, tested and verified that each K9 Team was capable of discriminating scents and finding Bed Bugs.

Quarterly testing and annual recertification are required by The


When Cosmo is not out working we must keep him sharp. This sharpness is maintained by using "Blind Bed Bug Hides." One of our Certified Handlers hides vials of bed bugs and Cosmo and another Handler seek them out.