The Smart Way to Detect Bed Bugs

Synergy Scents provides A K9 Team(s) to inspect for Bed Bugs in any and all types of properties in the Tri-State Area.


To help the country in its fight against Bed Bugs through the use of the heightened Canine sense of smell to pinpoint bed bug infestations and help eradicate them quickly and efficiently.


To have Synergy K9 Teams as the standard for Bed Bug Detection in hotels, health care facilities, Corporate America and all types of facilities that may be vulnerable to bed bug infestations, throughout the country.

Certified Services

We have several Certified K-9 Teams, in Bed Bug Detection. All teams are required to be Certified and maintain said certification  by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA)

We are located in the Tri State area and will travel outside when necessary.

As seen on the Discovery Channell check out Edward J. Sheehan, of Colony Pest Management, in Morgan Spurlock's Documentary, RATS.